man and woman having coffeeThis is the last post in a series of articles discussing the potential financial consequences of dating during a divorce in Melbourne, Florida. Our previous post discussed how planning ahead can help an individual respond appropriately to dating-related conflicts raised by their soon-to-be ex during a divorce proceeding. It is important to remember that one’s spending in connection with a new love interest may impact the outcome of a final financial settlement. Our goal in this series has been to explain how the Court may view such issues in the context of a pending divorce case. Reviewing your situation with an experienced lawyer can help ensure that you understand your rights. If you need assistance, contact our office to speak with an attorney.

This series addressed the following topics:

When a marriage is ending in divorce, it is not uncommon for the individuals involved to quickly move on with their lives and start a new relationship. It is important, however, to understand the potential consequences of doing so. First, there is no law prohibiting dating while a divorce is pending. That said, Florida Judges review a plethora of factors when determining how to equitably divide marital property between spouses. Extravagant spending on a new love interest while the case is pending may result in the Court awarding a higher percentage of a marital property to the other party to offset such spending. Second, incurring significant costs in connection with moving in with a new person during a divorce may have similar consequences. Similarly, alimony awards could be impacted if the financial position of the spouse requesting support has been negatively impacted by their soon-to-be ex’s spending on dates, trips, gifts, etc. while the case is ongoing. Next, exposing a child to someone new may not be in their best interest so soon after a divorce. Poor choices, such as dating a dangerous person, could result in reduced custody rights and potentially higher child support obligations. Finally, in many cases, it is possible to avoid such problems by planning ahead and carefully approaching the issue of dating prior to the finalization of the case.

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