Divorce DecreeThis is the next post in my series on dating in Melbourne, Florida while one has a pending divorce cases. My last article discussed how dating during a divorce can hurt your child custody case. It is important that you be very selective about introducing your child to people you are dating; it is often best to wait until the relationship reaches a “semi-serious” stage to do so. In this article I will discuss how one can facilitate the divorce process if a lengthy case is interfering with their romantic life.

It is understandable that one may re-enter the dating pool after they have gone their separate ways with their spouse. Lengthy divorces can often take an amount of time so long that one may enter into a serious relationship before the case is completed. It is not uncommon for one to wish to get re-married while their case is still pending. If you find yourself in this situation then, in some instances, there may be things you can do to facilitate the process.

If your divorce case is awaiting a trial date due to disagreements between you and your spouse then you need to ask whether those disagreements are worth delaying a resolution. Sometimes people delay a resolution of their case over issues that, in the grand scheme of things, are trivial. It is often best to ask yourself whether fighting over a small asset or debt is worth putting your life on hold. Such arguments delay your case and also force you to incur extra attorney’s fees. In other words, you may be paying an attorney and keeping your life on hold all over something that you could simply decide is not worth pursuing. If your case is delayed then it is best to sit down with your lawyer and determine whether it is worth it to settle as opposed to waiting for a trial date.

One crucial point is that there are times where it is worth delaying your romantic life to handle your divorce. If the case involves a dispute over the amount of spousal support payments, child custody, or other serious issues then settling quickly can resolve your case. That quick settlement, however, may leave you in a situation that you later regret. Again, it is best to speak with counsel and determine the course of action which best fits your situation.

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