Parents fighting in front of childrenThis is the first post in a series where I will address how Florida law applies to unmarried parents in a Brevard County child custody case. I have decided to write on this subject due to the fact that there is often confusion over “who has the rights” in such a situation. My goal with this series is to help parents better understand their options so that they may make an informed decision when selecting a child custody attorney. If you are in a timeshare dispute then I cannot stress enough the fact that you should contact a lawyer immediately.

I will be addressing several topics over my coming posts. Subjects which I will look at include:

  • The need to establish paternity in Florida
  • How an unmarried father can protect his rights in a timeshare dispute
  • How child support is calculated in our state
  • Whether an unmarried parent can move out of state with the child

These are important topics for several reasons. First, it is important to understand that until paternity is established the biological father will have no legal rights or obligations in regards to the child. Second, fathers often err by thinking they have no right to visitation, etc. Such is not the case. Third, understanding how child support is calculated can help to prevent future disputes. Fourth, taking a child out state without legal authority to do so can result in allegations of parental abduction.

I explain these issues, and the need to speak with counsel, in this video and in the rest of this article:

If you are unmarried and have no child custody order then it is important that you do not take the law into your own hands. Many parents, unfortunately, refuse to share the child because they feel they have no obligation to do so. They may refuse to return the child out of this same feeling. Finally, one parent may go to the other’s home and cause an incident out of a desire to see the child. If you are going through a dispute then the appropriate step is to immediately seek legal representation and to have a child custody order put in place. This will give your life a sense of structure and help to avoid future disputes.

Contact my office today to speak with a Melbourne child custody attorney. I regularly handle matters on behalf of parents who are not married and who are going through a disagreement. In addition to Melbourne, my office also services clients in the Brevard County cities of Titusville, Cocoa, Palm Bay, Grant, Valkaria, and Rockledge, as well as in the Indian River County areas of Fellsmere, Sebastian, Vero Beach, Indian River Shores, and Orchid.